help with mapping my korg padkontrol to work in traktor
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    Default help with mapping my korg padkontrol to work in traktor

    hello everyone! i am a COMPLETE noobie.. i just got the korg padkontrol and have it all installed, along with an installed copy of traktor 2.. my friend uses this combination to throw in some pretty cool dj effects into songs just by playing with the padkontrol.. can anyone help set me up? i have no idea what i'm doing and when i tried to mess with the controller mapping tab, there were so many options i didn't know what i was doing.. please help!!

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    Best option would be to ask your friend since he/she already uses it... Or I would recommend getting a traktor bible... If you google it, it will show you a link to buy, starting from scratch with mapping can be hard, I recommend using the same way my generation figure stuff out.... Ditch the manual and press shit till somethinf happens and figure it out that way... Then if you need to refine it... Post in the controller mapping section on this site and someone will help
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    Look in the controller mapping section and see if some one has posted a TSI for it. You can also check, at the in their mappings section.

    My suggestion is to learn mapping. I know that will not help you right now as you just got everything and want to just play, but learning mapping is the best way to make your setup do what you want.

    The manual, the traktorbible, DJTT blog articles, DJTT forum posts, and YouTube videos all taught me mapping. It just takes time and actually mapping, testing, fix, repeat to get a handle on it.

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