Hello digital DJ!
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    Default Hello digital DJ!

    Heya guys.

    Been looking and reading around this site for a while, been djing for around 4-5 years pure vinyl addict, i love the feel of it etc, but now after alot of uming and aring on what to do ive decided to go digital (75%!)

    I've got 2x Numark TTX usbs which i think are amazing TT's, i didnt know what to do, do i go CDJs or DVS? Serato or Traktor? i honestly couldnt make up my mind. Anyways after some chats with people and trying a few bits ive decided to take the dive from one extreme to another.

    As of tomorrow (delivery day!) i will be the very proud owner of a S4 + Traktor Plus because of NI's deal i can get the scratch upgrade and still use my TT's for now while i rip all my tunes to mp3s, eventually they will go in storage and i will just have the s4 + macbook (less space, cleaner setup etc)

    Any-ways sorry for ranting but im pretty excited and wanted to say hi and i look forward to diving right into controllerism

    Jon aka DejaVoo
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    When you get your upgrade package, you will be able to use the Timecode Vinyls for DVS and use the S4 as the mixer.

    Or 2 internal decks...and 2 Timecode decks!

    You gonna have fun!
    Thats for sure!
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    Best of both worlds there!
    Chris Jennings FHP

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