Music Browser is iratating
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    Default Music Browser is iratating

    Hey guys

    I was wondering is there a way to make your browser always sort your music by tracks

    Its irtating using my mouse to click on tracks everytime i open a new playlist
    ( some little things only iratate some people ) cant help it people. I was planning on getting used to it but I am cracking up here

    LoL I am new to forums so i dont know how to upload my sig correctly

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    Not quite sure what your asking but as to try help out....

    you can right click on any colums on the top your browser and select/de-select what you want to show eg.. cover art, artist, track, bpm, rating, key etc.....
    you can then place these in any order you wish by dragging the colums.
    this will automatically save to your preferences if you exit traktor properly or export your tsi to be safe.

    I dont think you can save it so its alphabetical order or the likes. but 1 click at the top of your preferred colum will sort your songs. eg if i want to see my latest imports i clicks on import date and it will bring to the top my latest imports or vice versa (oldest imports)

    any help?????

    Ps. OT your sig is DJ WOW. do use use two names?
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    Tiny Url your map too. i wanna see how far into the middle of nowhere you are
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