I have an issue with my TSP2 record function.
Im using an external mixer with vinyl controller.
With TSP1 the gain on the record function was set at just passed half along with the main gain and cpu limiters set so that everything was bordering on the red.. lovely
However with TSP2 I've had to set all gains to the max, the cpu and main limiters and are full tilt beyond red, the record gain set on max only gets the limiters to around half way?? the only way i can get them closer to red is to turn the gains up on my mixer so that they're also beyond red!!
When i listen back to my recording the levels arent so bad though..??
I don't like red and this just doesn't seem right??
why did it work perfect on the first edition??
is it just a bug that needs fixing or am i being stoopid??
Please help