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    Default Setting Faders from 0 up

    Hey guys,

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Long time reader, first time poster here.

    Anyhow, I want to set a fader to control the key knob in traktor but I want it to work so that the fader only effects the 0-12 range [as in only the right hand, pitch raising, side of the key knob, not from 0- -12]. Currently setting it up just has the fader at 0 when it's in the middle, if you get me.

    DJ Craze has it set up in a similar way in this video:

    I'm probably explaining that fairly poorly but it's the last touches to my current set up. I'm using an Oxeygen 49 along with a mix track pro, setting thr first 4 faders to the pitch of each deck [4 deck set up] and the second 4 to filter and then the last to a master super fader [but I want to do the same with the filter as the pitch]. I'm also thinking of replacing the faders in the oxygen to much smoother faders, does anyone know if this is possible?

    Sorry again if this is in the wrong section, I tried searching for it also but I could find it.

    I'm sure it's probably not even that complicated but I can't figure it out.

    Thanks guys, I'll be posting up the controllerism performance soon.

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    I think you have to map them in direct not relative, or it could be the other way round and then just play around with the settings below the relative/direct options.

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    Cool, I'll keep at it! Cheers!

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    yeah just go in to controller settings and invert the fader or change what drummer said
    its one of the 2.

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    Just figured it out, invert would only change the direction of the fader.

    Anyhow, if you set it to relative and then set the sensitivity to 70% then at the lowest point the key will be 0.04, and at the highest it'll be 12.00. I'm sure there is probably another more accurate way to get it to 0.00 but I can't really tell a difference so this'll work for now. Then if you want to have the fader control the lower pitch instead just click invert.


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