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    Default Forum Suggestion: Show blog post title as thread/tweet

    It occured to me the other day that I miss quite a few of the blog posts as I very rarely view the homepage (all my djtt links point directly to the forum). I only discover there has been a new blog post when I go on facebook and see a status update from someone. Assuming I'm not the only person who experiences this, can I suggest a forum feature:

    - show blog title at the top of the forum (maybe under the usercp menu?)... this could be displayed via a vbulletin twitter plugin perhaps (so when someone posts a blog post and then tweets it, the tweet appears on the forum).

    - or just get an admin/mod to update a sticky thread with the latest blog post title (maybe read only to keep the comments on the blog)

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    Good idea. I'll ask the higher up's what they think.
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