Installing XP Pro
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    Default Installing XP Pro

    Hi all,

    Sorry i've tried searching but am having difficulty finding the info...

    I'm after the links that tell me about a streamlined xp install or any advice from you guys.

    New laptps arrived so gettin rid of vista business and going back to xp

    Cheers in advance all


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    Default is a great place to learn how to streamline your install with nlite. This is the article I used to nlite my eee pc I got the install to about just under 600 mb.

    Don't forget the nlite website

    Hope this was useful

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    If you have the OEM cd its shouldnt take you more that 1 hr

    1. Pop in the Win_XP cd and restart you computer
    2. Boot from CD (change BIOS settings) or check if you have boot option by pressing F1or DEL, its different for every computer
    3. Follow the prompts, hit F8 you accept EULA
    4. The CD is going to scan you HD and find that you already have Vista, skip and install
    5. Format your HD (NTFS Quick) its also a good time to partition the HD C: OS D: Media
    6. Go have a smoke or coffee and come back in 10 mins
    7. XP will restart and install the rest that is needed, this will take about 20 - 40 min and you have to stay there and follow the prompts.
    8. Once XP is installed you have to update all the drivers. I recommed to have the ready on a USB drive before you wipe the HD, and make a clone of HD before you do anything, just in case you run into any problems.

    If anyone has anyother tips make sure to drop them, I've installed XP atleast 100 times

    Good luck
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    not sure about streamlined installs, but have been using vista for over 2 years without a problem!

    check your computer manufacturers site before you install, for all the drivers for your machine because some OEM cd's are just bare xp with no drivers & if you have no drivers for basic netorking functions etc you might have problems with the rest of the setup.

    good luck
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    Cheers for the info guys. I know how to install i just know there is a website that someone on here posted the links to that show you how to streamline xp.... ie what to uninstall and what settings to change to make it run better for using traktor..

    Think it was one of the admins ?


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