Hi All,

Just discovered DJTT last week and as an aging vinyl DJ just making the transition, I'm really glad I've found such a great community to share the experience with.

I was hoping I might get some sagely advice from other members on some purchases I'm about to make. I've just purchased Traktor 3.3 and I have a 3 month old Mac Book Pro running Leopard.

Having read the forums and see Ean do his magic on the VC-100 I've decided upon getting one of those... Ideally I'd really like the Black version or Ean's limited edition but it seems like I've missed the boat on both of those...(no sign of the black on eBay either).

So my questions are thus:

* The black VC100 looks to have some nice additional features such as better quality knobs and clearer print etc... In my experience, manufacturers will release a "special edition" of a model and incorporate the new features in a later general release model. Any thoughts if this might be in the pipeline? Should I wait or just take the plunger on a v1.2 silver? Or, better still, does anyone have any idea where I can get a black edition of either flavour?

* I definitely need a soundcard but don't have the budget to splash on the the very best - any pointers on a lower cost budget version? I noticed www.htfr.co.uk are offering a USB keyring soundcard free with every VC100 purchased - again, any thoughts or poitners to previous threads would be appreciated.

* DJTT VC100 mod upgrade - being new to all of this I'm not sure if I need it but it sounds like it'd be good to have - is it available yet and how do I buy it?

I'm assuming this is everything I need to get going... I have Genelec monitors and 'phones so I think I'm ready to go - have I gorgotten anything I need to include in my budget?

Sorry for the extended post - looking forward to chatting with you all over the coming weeks and months.