help for a newbie????
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    Default help for a newbie????

    hi there guys.

    i am new to the site and, basically, am looking for help.

    i have purchased a vestax vci-100 & a maya 44 usb soundcard to replace my old controller (vestax typhoon).

    the problem is i am having real problems in setting things up.

    i use virtual dj 7 & when you start up the programme, the following message appears "error in the asio driver, not enough channels".

    the controller is recognized in the settings, but when i try to select the correct asio settings i get the error message.

    i have tried probably every configuration to get the thing to work.

    if someone is running vdj7 with a vci-100 & a maya 44, or knows where i'm going wrong PLEASE get back to me as this is getting REALLY frustrating.


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    you should try the virtual dj forums.... Im not sure if theres many users on this site
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