Mix Critique! Good the bad & Ugly
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    Question Mix Critique! Good the bad & Ugly

    please do crituque and tell me what you think!!!
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    I listened to your mix while getting my rewards for clearing the Nashkel mines in Baldur's Gate 1 Tutu. Here's my feedback.

    - Most mixes/transitions were ok. Some were good. A few were bad or off. In general your levels were fine.

    - The scratching was.. weird. Not bad, but.. sorta out of place?

    - 27 minutes is an odd duration for a mix.

    - I don't particularly care for the style of music you picked, but these tracks are pretty good for that style, and the progression seems reasonable.

    - I really didn't like the "sweet dreams" cover.

    - The flight of the concords joke song was also... kinda odd. Why am I listening to a mix that starts out with a joke song? Is it a joke mix?

    - Too much effects.

    - I like the last track by Avicli, and appreciate that you included a tracklist and download link. I am sorta bummed out that there was no genre indication in the post TITLE or the MESSAGE body and there was also no tracklist in the MESSAGE body.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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