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    Default NOOB Question....HELP PLEASE

    Alright I've got an s4 and I have probably been practicing seriously for 6 months now and I cant figure this out.....(Noob Question-->) Alright when transitioning track or just adding a random buildup in a song you hear DJs sometimes play this swoosh, swoosh sound in the background it gives the buildup some texture and then there is maybe even a kick(1/4, 1/8, 1/16) everybody gets it. It can be overused and i saw tiesto a couple months ago and he did constantly but I have still been trying to figure it it possible with traktor? do i need "a proper mixer" like a Pioneer or something it just baffles me i cant find anything on the subject.....Thanks for the help

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    here's what you need:


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    Quote Originally Posted by kjeldbjerg View Post
    here's what you need:


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    Default shortening it....and maybe even the BeatJumping will give you the desired effect.

    The video above will teach you to do MORE than the loop effect above....

    Its the lamest of the lame!
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    Yea I have seen that video and i have a maschine as well....but still not the desired effect

    if i could direct you to the part of the mix where it says "what you think we think is cool" its a bad ass breakdown like filter swoosh...i dont know if its a vst...a certain effect ean uses on a certain mixer i dont know im just dying to know and havent found a definitive answer. THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE WHO HAS AND WILL POST!

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    It's usually not an effect per say but it tends to be actually in the song. If you have production software, you can easily make one and drop it in a sample deck.
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