VCI-100 V1.2 &Traktor 3.4 mapping??
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    Default VCI-100 V1.2 &Traktor 3.4 mapping??

    Anyone know of a very good mapping for a VCI-100 V1.2. I want to try it with my VCI-100 and Traktor 3.4 .I wish this site had just a page of organized tsi's , etc..

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    Word, looking for a traktor 3.4 V1.2 mapping here too

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    +1 for that too...

    i am actualy experimenting with this old ean's TKS:

    - its for external mixer use
    - hard to set up and even harder to edit, as there has to be bomes-like software

    + tks is f'ckin awesome for effects
    + 3 decks full support
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