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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigboibbp View Post
    gonna be starting a youtube channel very soon... traktor bible also helps a million...

    check out this video... a member here made it (Not Me): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMbsA...el_video_title
    Same as my link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by photojojo View Post
    Same as my link.
    my bad... didnt even check

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    +1 on the decicated fx machine, i have a cheap controller (hercules mp3 e2) with a long cable and can sit infront of the booth and just mash shit up, have cross fader mapped to fx on and level, loop knobs, 8 main fx combo selects so i can just press buttons and have diff combos come up, also hav hot cues and play buttons with a crossfader knob so i can do basic mixing with filters, bass kills, etc... Other then this it was basically going to go to waste so its better, i use this more then my main controller
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    I'm working on making it a sample deck controller and just use s4 for A and B.

    I really enjoy 1:1 mappings.

    individual slot volumes with modifers to use the encoders as a relative filter control.

    I have 1 fx section on th s4 for filters on each deck and the other fx section on the s4 will probably be effects.

    Hot cue shift is going to contain some instant effects I think.

    I wanted to use the midi fighter but it seems like the X1 has more control availability.

    I don't really think midi mappings are concrete and you should come up with a basic concept and then use it and mold it as time progresses.

    I'm just trying to figure out what exactly each sample function does.
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