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    Default OT: iTunes is driving me crazy

    alright, so i've tried googling and even tried searching on here for an answer to this, but due to the common keywords involved i can't seem to find any solid answers.

    i'm using a dell laptop running windows 7 and the latest version of itunes, everything that can be up-to-date is, and i keep all of the music for listening and djing in a single folder on my desktop that all gets poured into itunes for general listening and picking out tracks to dj with. when i right-click on this folder and click "properties" it tells me i have about 22,000 files in there. however, when i either let itunes automatically build a library out of these files OR when i try dragging and dropping this folder into itunes, itunes only ends up saying i have about 13,000 songs. these folders and individual songs i'm putting in are fairly well organized and contain mimimal .m3u, .txt, .jpg, etc files (if any) that would typically go along with a ripped or downloaded album or track, definitely not enough of them to account for 9 or 10,000 files.

    does anyone know how to see what it's failing to add, or a different method for importing things to itunes that won't skip over files for whatever reason? i know i'm bound to get some "don't use itunes/use ______" responses, but it's just what i prefer as far as interface and integration with djing software i'm using. thanks in advance for any help, guys

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    i should also add in that as far as size, the folder properties are saying it's about 175 gb in size but itunes is only saying the library is about 82 gb, making it more certain against the "those extra files must be album art and other small files" answer.

    thanks again guys.

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    ^(I dont think itunes will import the same track more than once if there are duplicates in the folder being imported.... just a guess)

    .... is itunes converting the files on initial import... thus shrinking the acutal size of the files (leading to smaller total library size)?

    batch import the tracks to make sure you get all tracks imported successfully?
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    it's possible, i've been looking through some actual folders and comparing what's in them at random to what's in itunes to see if i find any inconsistencies, so far the only things i've come across is some duplicates i didn't realize were there that would throw the count off, not enough to account for such a large difference, though. i also read during some googling that if you're importing a lot of stuff at once you should try and do it in small chunks because if itunes comes across something redundant or a damaged or corrupted file it might trip up and abort the entire operation early rather than skipping that file(s), i guess that's what you mean by batch importing. they're definitely not being converted, i at least know that for sure.

    it's just frustrating that something that seems so simple and is advertised as being as simple as telling it where your music is and then not having to think about it again, could be screwing up this much. oh well, back to the trenches of digging through every file/folder to figure this out, unless someone who knows more about this stuff comes in with more advice
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    Are you telling iTunes in preferences that that's the music folder?
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