selling of dj gear etiquette
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    Default selling of dj gear etiquette

    hey guys

    Was looking for some opinions on the sale of dj gear.
    I will most likely be selling my vci-300mk2 to purchase a twitch.
    Anyway my vci came with a faulty platter from the factory. I sent it in for repair and after it came back developed the same problem. After reading up online about the issues I disassembled the unit and greased the platters myself. The unit has been fine from here on.

    When selling I will state this, do you think I will come across any issues?

    vci 300 mk2
    13in mbp

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    as long as you clearly state the issue when you sell it as a caveat i dont see a problem mate.
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    yeah. state it, but make clear that you fixed the issue and the unit is 100% functional (only if it is, of course )
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