Made a tune.... any criticisms welcome!
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    Default Made a tune.... any criticisms welcome!

    So, I'm stuck out in Afghanistan all summer and found myself with a few hours to spare yesterday. Utilising my carefully stashed away detachment LPK25, MBP and Launchpad I set about doing what any aspiring producer would do with a spare 9 hours off.... make some music! It's called "Slush You" (I'm rubbish when it comes to naming shizzle, I already feel sorry for my future offspring...), and was originally intended to be a summer chillaxed house groove but I got kinda carried away with some Dubpop in the middle.......

    Anyways, I'm fairly new to producing having been a DJ for the best part of 10 years so any constructive comments that can help with things like mastering/mixing down, transitions in and out of breaks or general advice against anything offensive to the ears would be greatly appreciated!

    Cheers for taking the time to listen!
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    I like it better without the dubstep part, otherwise good work

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