If you like making music then check this out!
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    Thumbs up If you like making music then check this out!

    So I have mentioned this before on here, but will post some proof!

    So you want to spend some money here at DjTechtools Store? But your pockets are empty! Do what i do on my spare time, make jingles and original music and sell it on http://www.audiojungle.me!

    Your not going to make millions, but you can definately make enough to buy a midifighter or even the new S4!

    check out the picture, read the how, make some cash!

    As you can see in the image I made $391! Just from one minute jingles and original tracks! And off course the more tracks you have on there the more sales you will get meaning more midifighters and buttons!


    Happy Mixxxing!
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