Questions about sampler and sample deck
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    Default Questions about sampler and sample deck

    Hey everyone,

    I could give you a long story about my dramatic adventure with mapping the s4 to TSP2, but I'm not.

    Is it possible to take the recorded sample from the sample recorder and copy it into a track deck? I can load up the one shots into a track deck as well as the loops, but I can't come across the function that would do this.

    I was going to map out X1 for samples and S4 with without an ability to shift from a/b to c/d. A nice solid 1:1.

    When I use the sample decks and copying things that are already playing sometimes the gains vary a bit changing the volume of music. It seems I work best with have 4 decks interchanging cause I feel I have a more comfortable control over everything.

    Maybe theres another way to pull off what I'm trying to do.

    Someone give me some insight
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    You will need to make some sort of macro is my guess.

    If you copy it from Recorder to the Sample deck (play 3 times) it then saves it to your samples folder.

    From there, you can load into a track deck.

    Don;t have it in front of me....but as clue is to look at the commands in the Sample Deck menu in the midi command manager.

    It pretty much gives you all its options.
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