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    Looking for feedback. First mix I've done with ableton live.
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    fixed your link dude. tracklist?
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    Sorry about that.
    1. Spencer & Hill & Bastian Van Shield - Cantina (Spencer & Hill Mix)
    2. Spencer & Hill Ft. Bastian Van Shield - Cantina (Yolanda Be Cool & DCup Remix) [I edited this a little bit with ableton's simpler, added in a few notes]
    3. ASYS - Bassturbation (Organ Donors Remix) [also added some notes in the buildup for this]
    4. Bass Down Low (DJ Enferno Remix)
    5. Selecta (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)
    6. Avicii - Sweet Dreams (Cazzette meet At Night Mix)

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    I listened to your mix via subsonic on the phone and a cassette adapter, while driving to rhode island from new hampshire. Here's my feedback.

    - Your phasing and phrasing was fine, which makes sense as this is an ableton mix. Levels were also fine. Track selection was pretty wack to me, and overall length (15 minutes? 18?) is a pretty large WTF for me. I don't get mixes of this length at all.

    - "Bass Down Low" just sucks as a song, I'm sorry. She likes her beats "fast"? Ok.... here's some fast beats... and a girl who likes her beats "fast" ...

    - tracklist / soundcloud embed on djtt / download = moar listens and moar feedbacks.

    - Other than that, I guess the mix was inoffensive and not-unpleasant to listen to. Couldn't complain, if a bit forgettable.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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