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    Default Question regarding VCI-100 & TraktorLE

    Question regarding VCI-100:
    I was at a nearby GuitarCenter a few months ago and was planning to buy a VCI-100 (influenced by DJTechTools) I went inside and it turned out that there was only one in the store and it was an open box product. I was planning on getting it but realized that two knobs on the back were missing. The touch wheel sensitivity knobs for both the left and right were missing. So I changed my mind and decided just to purchase one online instead.
    So I bought one on amazon and it came in a few weeks ago along with my Numark DJ/io Soundcard. When I took the VCI-100 out from its box I realized that it had the same problem, it didnt have the two knobs in the back.

    I was wondering if everyone's VCI-100 is like this, and if it is normal.

    Question regarding TraktorLE:
    My VCI-100 is hooked up by USB bus power to my Toshiba Laptop (Windows Vista, 3GB memory). My Numark DJ/io Soundcard is also hooked up to my laptop by USB bus power. Everything works fine--all the buttons and knobs on the VCI-100 are recieved by TraktorLE. All data messages sent, are recieved until I start using vinyl scratching techniques. When I start baby scratching on one of the jog wheels, and start flickering the fader from left to right while a song is playing on the other deck, a few seconds later TraktorLE is unable to follow the MIDI controls. When I press buttons or turn the knobs on my vci, TraktorLE does not respond. Is this because my VCI-100 is running on USB bus power, and that too many messages are being sent through the USB, along with power for the USB cable to handle?

    I've read stuff about firmware on the forums and was wondering if my firmware may be my reason for this problem. I don't know my firmware version but when i touch both of my jogwheels they both turn red, and there is no green sticker on the bottom of my VCI.

    Please assist me (Beginner DJ)
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    1) Normal.

    Touch Sensor Leve - no knobs for those. you take a tiny slotted screwdriver and lightly turn each one to required levels.

    2) i suggest against running the vci through a hub - i think that may be your issue...

    I personally have not had luck with running the vci through a hub (even a powered one, with an ac adaptor for the vci) but that must just be me - I also have a Toshiba.

    To check if you have the 1.2 firmware, do this when you have the vci and Traktor booted up, though possibly not - to lazy to test...: press both 'vinyl mode' buttons at the same time - this should =turn off the jogs (including the LEDs) if you have 1.2. it would just do as assigned in traktor if 1.0. Repeat to turn on jog wheels.

    1.2 firmware supplemental info:

    i dont think your firmware is your problem... i think use of a hub...

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    i bought a 9v power adapter for my vci and checked if it would solve the problem but i still have the same issue.

    When i try to scratch wth my vci-100, traktorLE fails to respond to the MIDI messages sent by the vci controller.

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