Vestax VFX-1 - Anyong use one?
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    Default Vestax VFX-1 - Anyong use one?

    Been looking at this video when looking up Itch/Twitch videos. From what I gather, Itch 2.0 will have effects just like SSL. Does that mean that if I bought a VFX-1 along with my Twitch, I could achieve similar effects to these?

    Maybe an experienced Serato user/Itch 2.0 beta tester/VFX-1 owner may be able to shed more light.

    Just asking cos some of these effects sound colossal!

    Vestax VFX-1 Serato Effects
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    Itch 2.0 effects are not the same as SSL. Youtube is blocked at work so I can't see the vid. The effects in SSL are much better, more to choose from, and the ability to map "super knobs" (multiple effects and presets to one knob). Itch has very basic effects. Think DJM-400. The advantage of the VFX-1 is that it has an extra parameter that no other Itch controller has. However, I would be cautious to use it with the Twitch because sometimes the signals in Itch when to FX controllers are plugged in don't always work well. Itch has a handful of good sounding effects (delay, reverb, filter, flanger, etc.) your basic effects. The biggest advantage they have is they are all post fader as opposed to Traktor and have a very wet sound to them....but there's only a few and of those few, only a select few really sound good.

    I think SSL type effects will eventually come to Itch. I'd imagine the next few updates for Itch will bring in more SSL features - video, bridge, midi mapping for the SP-6, then effects, etc.

    So to answer your question. I would not get a VFX-1 to use with a Twitch. I'd just use the Twitch and it's version of Fader FX mode.
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