[Traktor] Your favourite effect combo!
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    Default [Traktor] Your favourite effect combo!

    I know that many people from DJTT are traktor users, so i would like to know what you came up with, combining different effects / parameters.

    Personally i really liked this little tutorial someone posted on youtube
    it's a verb sweep and i find it really useful for build-ups.

    I also am addicted to the beatmasher since it first came out (i force myself not to use it too much) and i like to combine it with the peak filter usually.

    i also use another little combo for build-ups which is basically a delay with feedback all the way up, then a 'quarter knob' of reverb, and finally a peak filter to end the build before dropping.

    I really liked the combos from the midifighter too, but never had a chance to try them cause i don't own one yet :/

    Well, what are yours?

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    There's already several threads on traktor effect combos. Please use the search to find it.
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