Can someone explain to me
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    Default Can someone explain to me

    I was browsing around just now and came across a mix Diplo did on Ive never heard of this site and Im a little confused about it. I understand the whole clearance thing with sampling, what I dont get is why I need the songs that are sampled in the mix. Basically what im asking is what happens if I buy one of the songs off here but dont have one or two songs that are sampled in it? Is the actual audio of the song bought off legitmix going to be cut or something? If this is a really simple concept im sorry but I cant wrap my head around this for some reason

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    I also saw this and was equally as confused

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    after a little more clicking on the site I got my answer:

    Legitmix is a simple-to-use browser-based software application. Artists use it to create Legitmix files for their works containing other peopleís copyrighted source music. The Legitmix file contains no audio and canít be played in any way. Fans use a Legitmix file, together with the Legitmix software, and their copies of the source music (in any digital format) to recreate an artistís work on their computer. If a fan doesnít already own the source music, the Legitmix music store provides an easy way to buy it. The recreated work is identical to the artistís version and is automatically imported into a fanís music library along with their purchased source music.

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    oh thats kinda cool.. but expensive if you cant listen to a whole mix and the only way to do it is to BUY all those tracks (if you like em or not) to listen to a mix?

    seems kinda fucked up? good for the artists tho.
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    Ya I've heard one song. It's called Skrillex.
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