Jason Bay Hotmess 008 Oldschool/Classic House
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    Default Jason Bay Hotmess 008 Oldschool/Classic House

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    We've had a scorching week so far, with temperatures averaging around 95F +. So once again that means it's time for another worm weather mix! Just gathered up a few tunes that in my opinion reflect a hot day, with it being cool but sunny in the morning, and getting warmer as the sun goes up, cools down just a little bit when the sun drops but picks right back up as you hit the dance floor that night.

    A couple of tunes to look out for, Moroccan Lover - Highlander is a fun little number that's a bit different but solid none the less and The Timewriter tune is just a low key but powerful tune that just keeps building into itself and leaves just as subtly.

    As always, don't forget to check me out on soundcloud as well,


    And if you have any tracks you think would fit what I'm doing, please send them my way at,


    Always looking to play tracks from up and coming artists so don't be shy now.

    Cheers and enjoy the tunes!

    Tracklisting for your convenience,

    01. Tom Demac - Rivalry With Irony

    02. Sasse & Phonogenic - Tangential

    03. Stojche - Shoutin' Story

    04. Nemecek & Tomic - Dirty Fifth

    05. Shifter - Move (Main Mix)

    06. Pablo Fierro - Check The Boogie (Soul Minority remix)

    07. Moroccan Lover - Highlander

    08. Sean Miller - Carousel

    09. The Timewriter - Room of a Million Rainbows (PQM Deephead Pass)

    10. Underground Solution - Luv Dancin' (Mike Dominico's Club Banger)

    11. Todd Terry & Warren Fellow - Got a Soul

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    The usual Monday bump. Just a little something to make your Monday that bit more bearable

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