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    Default New Computer and Pro 2

    So I have a new laptop on the way and Traktor 2 and I waiting on it. My question is what would be the easiest way to install pro 2 on my new computer and bring over my tracks (with cue points, grids, etc.) from pro 1 that is on my old computer.

    Sounds kinda jumbled...

    I have my old laptop with traktor pro 1 on it. And I want to bring those marked up tracks over to pro 2, which will be installed on my new comp.

    What's the best way?

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    Are both computers PCs? Or Macs? If they're the same platform you can just take your Collection.nml file to the new computer, and assuming you put everything in the same place, tell traktor to import that collection.

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    Yea theyre both PCs

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    im pretty sure u can import those using traktors exporting features

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