Vci100 volume fader mixup !help!
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    Default Vci100 volume fader mixup !help!

    Okay so i bought my vci100 yesterday and set it up with traktor pro 2 using a TSI file i found. Everything works good EXCEPT the volume faders are opposites. The left volume fader turns the right deck volume down and the right volume fader turns the left deck volume down. I dont know anything about remapping. What do i doo? thanks!!

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    Read the manual's section on Controller Manager.

    You're better off learning that way.

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    Okay I fixed my fader problem! Thank you!
    Now there's one more thing.
    My TEMPO faders on both decks are messed up.
    For the songs to play at the right bpm the tempo faders need to be pushed all the way up on both decks.
    What's going on here!? Thanks!

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