OT: Facebook expert pls... page, group, profile?
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    Default OT: Facebook expert pls... page, group, profile?

    Ok, so I'm in a tourist resort for the summer. I've got something like nearly 200 photos of pissed up lightweight tourists passed out on the street. It's an ongoing project that is around 2 months work so far.

    I want to put the album on facebook and invite people to add their own pics of people they find passed out on the street in the same resort. What would be the best way to go about this? To start a group, a page, a profile or something else? It would be nice for people to be able add their own pics with ease and be able to tag people they might recognise etc.

    Anyway, any help appreciated


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    a page would work better.
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    I find pages good for that but bad for promotion, they are not a tool to build a fan base, merely a tool to communicate with an existing fan base.

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