Self promotion advice? (Photographer/videographer/team)
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    Default Self promotion advice? (Photographer/videographer/team)

    Hey everybody obviously we're all in the same boat when it comes to self promotion. Limited resources (people, money) and limited time to effectively promote. I'm really wanting to pull away from Facebook events and get to more creative stuff that will actually have people talking. I'd love to involve more photographers and people to do video as well. The trouble I keep running into is money. A good photographer is expensive, let alone someone who does video and edit it into something cool. How do you guys deal with things like this?

    Ideally I'd love to have a promo team that would consist of a video/photographer, an awesome graphic designer, and a few extras that could be used to help put together videos. I think the only way this is possible though is for everyone to just make a cut off ticket sales or door sales. As much as I'd just love to pay a photographer their going rate, I'd like there to be more accountability in terms of making sure everyone is doing their best to promote events because ultimately if they don't, no one gets paid. What do you guys think, would something like this be fair. What would be the best way to reach out to a prospective team and test talents?

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    Why don't you do it yourself, or ideally if you have any friends that are into film/photography then ask them if they can help you. You dont need multiple camera angles all you need it some skill on the decks or button. At the and of the day, remember, its all about the music.

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