Route reaktor 5 through Traktor?
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    Default Route reaktor 5 through Traktor?

    So I've got a synth (Razor) running in Reaktor and I'd love to route it through the Traktor live input. Does anyone know of a way I can do this?

    I found this thread
    but I don't really understand what the first reply is saying.

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    hes saying that you would need 2 soundcards and route the signals into the s4, this a very analog type workaround, i cant see it sounding too good its always best to try to route that shit internally. Ive been trying to do the same but really theres no point, its way better to just route your vst to a DAW like ableton or cubase since you can store midi notes whereas in traktor you cant. Unless your trying to do an on-the-fly remix type setup in traktor but realy i dont find that to be very practical you can do exactly that in ableton if you map out your controller correctly

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