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    Im an Hobby dj (more Bedroom DJ xP) and i want to buy a pair of cd players and a mixer.
    Up to now i had the dj-tech i-mix (I didnt like it very much because the buttns often dont work like they should).
    I looked up in the internet for some sets and players and this is what i found:
    Ps 121 (Gemini)
    -a bit more expensive:
    Ps 424k (Gemini)

    What do you think.
    Is That the right stuff for someone who uploads his mixes sometimes on youtube and just does that for fun?

    I hope i took the right subforum its the first time i post a threat.

    Thant you
    yours Cubemaster.

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    This topic has been discussed and discussed and discussed. Please use the forum search.
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    I my self would buy a mixer no better than or more expensive as the Behringer DDM4000 and a second hand pair of pioneer cdj 200's. The behringer has a lot of grunt for it's buck and the pioneer's are superior to the gemini's IMO. everyone pretty much that ever buys Gemini's in my findings replace and discard them as soon as money will allow again. I see this as false economy. Saying all this are you aware that a vestax vci 100 is was cheaper? and just as much fun for bedroom dj'ing it's takes up less room and is portable too. Sorry i didn't give you a pick bassed on what you'd suggested i just feel it's possibly not your best options
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    I think the CDJ200s are seriously overpriced. You could get reloop rmp 2's for slightly more.
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    Run away from Gemini... fast

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