Traktor 3/sound card question
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    Default Traktor 3/sound card question

    Well I am a newbie to the DJing world and have a question. Does anyone have a "simple" answer to whether or not on Traktor 3 if I can use a USB single output sound card and the "factory" sound card to be able to cue songs using headphones. OR if anyone knows a way that I am able to do this rather than buying a $130.00 USB multi output sound card. I have one in mind but do not have the funds. I hope I have explained it well enough. Thanks ahead of time for everyone’s help !!!


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    Difficult question to answer. The easy answer is no. The longer answer is 'yes, but...'

    If you're a noob in the DJ world I would say just buy a multi output soundcard. Get the echo indigo DJ...I think that's < 100? Not sure...froogle or ebay (or craigslist!).

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    An external sound card is essential if you want to make a serious effort of DJ'ing. If you're really not ready to spend the cash on a card yet, just keep practising your mixing etc. using your speakers and keep saving your cents to buy a good sound card when you're ready.
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