My live mix from Pacha NYC 7/29/11
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    Default My live mix from Pacha NYC 7/29/11

    My live set recorded in Pacha NYC in the basement from 10-1. I cover a wide range of muzik from deep & soulful deep house to techno & everything in between all with a constant building groove.

    1. Deymare - Man & Woman (Rio Padice Chicago Remix)
    2. Guti & Dubshape - Every Cow Has A Bird
    3. Ananda Project feat. Heather Johnson & Terrance Downs (Larry Heard Nocturnal Mix)
    4. Markus Homm feat. Groovehour - Midnight at Majestic
    5. Ray Foxx - The Trumpeter (Guti Remix)
    6. Brigane & Ali Love - Different Morals (Clockwork Remix)
    7. Mateo & Matos - Afro Circus
    8. Patrick Zigon - Momento Magico feat. Caramelo Criminal (Pascal Feos & Frank Leicher Remix)
    9. Phonique - Divertimento
    10. NTFO - Superhush
    11. Enzo Siragusa - Sagamore
    12. Danny Daze - Your Everything feat. Lousahhh
    13. Adam Port - Basement feat Daniel Wilde
    14. The Sushi Club - Myriad (Makoto Remix)
    15. Mateo & Matos - That Afro Rhythm
    16. Rio Padice - Deathfloor
    17. Mang Esilo - Jungle Tour (Sante Peaktime Remix)
    18. El Mundo & Satori - Free Men We Are (Mihalis Safras Remix) with Pablo Cahn - elie
    19. F.Sonik & Andrew Technique - Press Play (Per Hammar Remix)
    20. Basti Grub - El Gitarro (M.In Remix)
    21. Ron Costa - Gren Banan
    22. Alex Tepper - In & Out (Dub Mix)
    23. Marvin Zeyss - next to you (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
    24. Ron Costa - La Cage Invisible with Castle Trancelot - Indonctrinate
    25. Depeche Mode - Sister of Night (Ida Engberg)
    26. Gary Beck - Egoist (vTeK edit)
    27. Paco Osuna - Atopisimo
    28. Pan-Pot & Pascal Mollin - The Elephant (Joseph Capriati Remix)
    29. Adam Beyer - Follow your Eyes with Mr. G - Kick Back
    30. Darkcell - Inertia (D. Carbone remix)
    31. Pulpyt - Downvolution
    32. Matheo Velez - Reproducirse
    33. Darlyn Vlys - I See You (Westboy Remix)
    34. Cuartero - El Perdido
    35. Subfractal - Carbonate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vadik26 View Post
    bump to this
    I did, last night while playing EA Skate 3. You helped me flow pretty well on my virtual skateboard. I listened to about the first hour or so, and as advertised you did in fact build through deep house to various flavors of techy housey stuff. I can see from the tracklist (thanks for the tracklist! genre(s) in thread title would get you more listens too!) that you get techier as it goes on, perhaps I will listen further in the future.

    Really solid for a live mix.. is Pacha a club in NYC where people actually dance to this kind of music?

    !!! AWESOMER !!!

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    Hey man I'm glad you liked my mix. Yes Pacha is a huge chain club in that has locations in Ibiza, Buenos Aires, NYC, etc. I played in the basement and had the crowd going very nicely. Everyone was very much into it.

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