Can't quite figure this out.
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    Default Can't quite figure this out.

    In pro 1 I was able to half and double the bpm of a track and it sync with another. In pro 2, if I half or double the bpm and sync another track to it- it syncs to the original bpm. So if a track was 120bpm and I half it to 60 and speed it up to 68 then try to bring in another, which has a bpm of 70, and try to sync it to what I want to be 68, it trys to sync to 120.

    Next problem.
    When I copy a loop to a sample deck it seems that the sound is at a much lower key.

    Any help would be nice.

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    The copied loop will sync to whatever is the master. Because there is no key lock for the sample decks, it will change pitch with the bpm.

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    still don't know whatup with this first issue. Any thoughts...

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