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    ok so i try loading a song into one of my decks and it just blinks quick and doesnt load. and sometimes it will say that the mp3 is not compatible or whatever but it ddnt it just comes up with a ! to the left of the track and its always different. i loaded a song and then restarted traktor because of the problem and then the same song ddnt load and did the same thing. and im not sure if its a location problemn because they work fine in itunes. please somebody help me i cant play a set like this

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    Try a consistency check. If it is an ID3 tag version problem, convert them all to 2.3 with itunes (select all songs>right click>convert ID3 Tags).

    Did you do any changes in your machine? Did Traktor just started doing this out of nowhere on a previously working install?

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    Are the tracks in your collection or are you playing out of the iTunes node? Traktor works best with songs in the collection.
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    traktor just started doing it out of nowhere and im playing them from the itunes playlist but they are already in my collection

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    i converted the songs tags and that helped some of the songs but i did a consistency check on the others and it said they were missing they work in itunes and have never done this until today

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    consistency check worked a charm for me. once you have done the check a list will pop up with the missing tracks. click the relocate box & box and wala, tunes back.

    I may be wrong, but i think it has something to do with moving the files to new folders on your harddrive. as this is the only time it has happened to me.
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    Thanks it worked

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