more noobish questions...
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    Default more noobish questions...

    1. have "advanced" and "chained" modes been replaced by "single" and "group" modes in tsp2?

    2.while in single mode, my x1 doesnt control the on screen effects knobs, although i can click them with the mouse to get them to work? (theyre working fine in group mode)
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    1) yeah.. thats correct

    2) traktor has 2 different signals for single and group.. not to sure why?
    you'd think it'd make sense for it to be FX1: knob 1, knob 2, knob 3, knob 4 etc.
    FX1.. grouped knob 1, knob 2, etc
    FX1.. signal knob 1, knob 2, etc

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    im sorry i dont understand the second part...
    Traktor/Ableton /Komplete /MBP OSX el capitan

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    in the tsi you need to assign an input for both single and grouped
    so you have
    FX Bank 1(single): FX amount, Parameter 1, Param 2, param 3
    FX Bank 1(group): Dry/wet, FX1, FX2, FX3
    All of those need to be assigned

    If you just have the "single" controls assigned you won't be able to control the "group" controls

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    ahhhhh ic .. ty kind sir
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    im messing something up... does anyone know where i might find a walk through for assigning these?

    i know im like a helpless little bird... but thanks to everyone here at djtt, i honestly feel 100 times more proficient at mapping than i did a week ago
    Traktor/Ableton /Komplete /MBP OSX el capitan

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