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    Default Random thoughts on practice

    I'm thinking about all the ideas that sprung making my first two mix tapes, with the way a structured set list has forced me to finding a style to develop.*

    Benefits of a free practice session, I play my mood and I find more music to mix. A structured set list makes me work harder at knowing the tracks and developing technique in the mix.*

    I'm thinking at my current skill level I need to build several playlists and routines that force me to explore the technique instead of playing to my mood. So I can take these tools later in free practice or a live set where crowd reading is more important and apply them.*

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    I think it's good to practice both for the exact reasons you mentioned.

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    absolutely! you need to know your music but always be prepared to change styles etc at the drop of a hat, what works one night may bite you in the face the next.
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