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    Default budget setup

    how would a X1, Midifighter pro, and an xsession pro be for a started setup? thoughts.....

    [EDIT] i forgot to mention that i have an audio 2, midifighter pro, xsession. just thinking about the x1 deal and that i should take advantage
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    what are you trying to do?

    Whats your budget, cause you still don't have a sound card in that equation, so that's not much of a tight budget.

    A tight budget and versatile set up would be a VCI-100+Audio 2.
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    I wouldn't consider a MF Pro a budget controller.

    Definitely an X1..
    How many decks are you looking to control?

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    doesn't sound bad to me. use the xsession for basic mixing, the x1 for effects control and anything else u can think of, and the mfpro for instant grat and cue point type stuff.

    plus if u dont already have a copy of tp2 the x1 is basically free anyway
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    A MF would just be a waste to start off with if you ask me... Just get an X1 and use a mixer mapping. If not conventional, it's a good place to start. And yeah... Free TP2.
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