New chilled out Röyksopp-ish track, n FEEDBACK!
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    Default New chilled out Röyksopp-ish track, n FEEDBACK!

    Hey guys!
    So I posted my very first production here about half a year ago. 6 months is quite a long time if meassured in Noob time, and here's one of the ideas I've been working on. Created in our summer house as the rain kept pooring down outside, day after day, got to love the Swedish summer.

    Anyway, I would really love some feedback as I'm quite stuck at the moment. Some honest opinions could really help,
    listen to it and I hope you like it!

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    I love it! It kind of builds up and I would love to hear that developed into a drop with a driving beat with some bass. But thats just the style I'm into so I'm biased. Great tune none the less
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    thanks man! Really appriciate it. Tried doing it with a more brutal-ish driven drop, but it kind of destroyed the chilled out vibe of the thing, maybe gotta do two different versions!

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    IT is finished! It feels great to finally put this track to the side.
    I've struggled a lot with the mixing and mastering of this track, if anyone got some kind of feedback on that please comment, im craving for improvement!

    Here it is, and does someone know how you edit posts here on the forums? Can't seem to find a button and I need to change the link in the first post!

    All crit is more than welcome

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