Audible distortion when switching effects in T2
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    Default Audible distortion when switching effects in T2

    So I have a function mapped on my X1 that when you press shift and then turn the dry/wet knob, the effect selections will change. Effectively I can scroll through the different effect types by pressing shift and turning the dry/wet knob.

    Anyway, when I have a track playing and have say FX1 or FX2 selected and I scroll through the tracks using the mapped function you can hear that the song distorts as I scroll through the effects. This does not occur when the FX1 or FX2 button is NOT selected, however at a gig, sometimes it's hard to keep track of if FX are selected or not. Switching off FX1 or FX2 is just an extra step in the process.

    I know that I never encountered any problems like this in 1.2.7.

    Is this a bug? Does this occur with anyone else?

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    Try upping your latency and see if the problem persists.

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    Up the Latency or drop the sample rate. Usually one or the other isn't set correctly. Short of that I don't know.
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    hmmm... good suggestions but that isn't solving anything. i have my overall latency at 15ms, which isn't so low in the first place. i tried upping it and same thing. my sample rate is 48000 hz, which is also kinda low.

    i find it strange that on TSP this issue never occurred but on T2 it does.

    does anyone else have the effects selectors mapped like mine? those of you that do, are you experiencing the issue i'm having?

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