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    Recently I purchased a AA VMS4 a months ago and have been trying my hardest to make it work with either VDJ 7 or Traktor pro 2 . The issue is that I been having a hard time trying to record a mix set. I looked all over the internet and found some useful info to use Audio hijacker or Audacity, but no step by steps to getting it working on a mac. Was told to buy external recorder, but I don't know what Im looking for.

    Need help on this please.....greatly appreciate it.
    Running Macbook Pro

    p.s. Sorry if I put this in the wrong area.

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    thanks for the feedback, but the problem is recording with vms4 + traktor pro.
    Can't do internal recording only external recording. Need to know which external recorder I should / could buy for a low price range, but does the work for a macbook pro?

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    Connect your booth output to the audio in port on your MacBook, and then record with Audacity.
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    Thank you very much.......( pure happiness ) works like a charm....

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