Best position for beatgrid markers...
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    Default Best position for beatgrid markers...

    Now I've only be playing around with Traktor 3 for a short while and have to say I
    'm really enjoying myself After readiung through many threads on here and other places on the net I was wondering where folks place their beatgrid markers.
    Don't get mewrong I've got the concept of beat grids and the tweaking thereof but after seeing the controllerism aspect of DJing I was wondering if folks moved their initial beatgrid marker around?
    I was thinking that I might move this marker to the beginning of each track.
    So I'd first beat grid my track and make sure its all good (check middle and end of t, leaving the initial marker in place.rack and m ake sure that grid still fits).
    Once this is sorted then go to the beginning of the track and pop a marker as near as I can to the start of the track, Hopefully this would fall at the start of the track but I am aware that sometimes it won't.
    Then delete the first beatgrid marker I made.
    This would I think keep my initial beatgrid I set up, but I wiould now have a marker set for a cue at the start of track which would then be cue point one.
    I'd then think it would be easier to set-up my other cue/sample/juggle points.

    I'm thinking this would be handy as sometimes the beat marker is some distance from the start and might be in the middle of a part I'm wanting to play with.

    I was wondering if others had thought about doing this and if it was worth while?

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Actualy i found that i do pretty much the same.

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