Dedicated Mixer or USB Controller with soundcard
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    Default Dedicated Mixer or USB Controller with soundcard


    I'm just starting up in the mobile dj business. I'm using Traktor Pro 2 on my pc, and i have 2 Wharfedale Titan 15A Powered speakers.

    I'm wondering which will be better to get, An actual standalone mixer, or a usb controller with a sound card built in? At the moment I am just running straight out of my computer straight into the speakers, and i was looking at getting a controller anyway, but I'm worried that if we have a power cut or something, that its going to take a while to boot the computer back up and im going to be stuck without any sound in the meantime! if i had a dedicated mixer i could just play a cd or an mp3 player until the computer has restarted.

    Any suggestions?

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    You could get a controller that can work w/o a computer .. like the MC6000.
    Solid controller!

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    One thing you can do is buy a 2 channel mixer of decent quality, and get the midi controller you want w/ a sound card or not, and mix internally. Send the master sound from the midi controller or laptop, doesn't matter, into the mixer, then run your speakers out of the mixer. On your other channel on the mixer, you can have a CD player, MP3, etc. Just have to crossfade over to hear it. Most 2 ch mixers have 4 inputs. 2 phono, and 2 line. The better ones have 2 line and 2 phono/line. You can get 4 inputs and bring 2 CJDs with you, AND a backup ipod or w/e, incase your laptop gets fucked up, you can still mix.

    The other option, is you can buy a sound card, and a mixer, and mix externally, send your 2 or 4 decks of audio to each of the mixers decks, and also have backup equipment on the other inputs. It would be more pricey, if your only going to be using 2 channels its not that bad, but for a 4ch soundcard and mixer, eek. 0.0 External mixing is nice because it clears up your screen bc having the eq/faders/CF on screen is pointless. Ik a lot of people buy a Kontrol One for each deck and mix externally because they like it more. Idk your call. Going this route really paves the road for DVS if thats your thing. Assuming you got a Audio 4/6/8/10, you just need the TTs, and your all set.

    I've mixed internally and externally, theres not a big difference honestly, your still touching eq knobs and faders, its just with internal mixing, your laptop knows when you do. :P
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