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    Hello! I want to hook my Traktor S4 up to a subwoofer that has 1/4" & XLR Inputs. What cables or adapters should I use? Should I use the 1/4" output of the Traktor S4 jack and run it to the 1/4" input jack of the subwoofer? Or use an RCA to 1/4" cable. Please help if you can. Thanks!!

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    Ideally you want to run to either a
    DSP ------------------------------------------->
    EQ--->compressor/limiter--->crossover ---> hi freq amp ---> tops (speakers)
    .................................................. ......--->low freq amp ---> sub

    A DSP like the BBE DS24 or dbx Driverack contains EQ, compressor/limiter, and xover all in one

    You can also run to one single amp and simply designate a single channel to high frequency and low frequency which will cross at your desired xover point.

    So typically you'll set the crossover at around 100-200hz.

    You can send full range to both the tops and sub but here is why you don't want to do this
    a) It will sound like shit.
    b) You're wasting energy by sending full range to both your sub and tops. All you will do is overwork the passive xover in the cabs.
    c)You will get frequency cancellation due to overlapping frequencies being output by your sub and tops.

    May I ask what sub you have? Is it active or passive? What model?

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