Syncing Traktor or Ableton with Videos
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    Default Syncing Traktor or Ableton with Videos

    Hey DJTT!

    Just went to Hard Summer a couple of weeks ago and saw Ratatat live. To say the least, they blew my mind with their simple videos synced to the dj.

    I was wondering if anybody knew of any good software or vst that will work with this? My long term goal is to run traktor and ableton synced so a software that can work with either would be fine.

    Something like this...

    Thanks for the help guys!

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    Resolume Avenue is one piece of software u shouls look at, u can download the demo for free

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    I have resolume (never gigged live with it yet) and it seems to work OK. I think it syncs better with Ableton than traktor. But it doesn't automatically adjust the speeds of the videos for some reason. The simplest thing to do is just tap the bpm beat in with a midi button. I use my old vestax spin as the resolume controller and I cue videos with that. It would probably be easier using an apc 40 or novation launchpad though.
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