Did TPro v1.1 Blow My Speakers?
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    Default Did TPro v1.1 Blow My Speakers?

    Hi all,

    Last night I went out gigging and it sounded great with the new update. I was getting great rich deep sound But by the end of the night, I noticed the sound had degraded considerably. It sounded muddled and crappy. I was like WTF?

    I guess my question is 2 fold. Could it be my system was over worked? (I had been plying for 6 hours straight) Or could I have blown my speakers? I have 2 JBL dual 15" stacks and 2 dual 15" woofers. the woofers are being hooked up by piggy backing off the stacks. I'm using a 3000w amp (only set to 50%)

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    After many hours of use, the amplifiers could be sounding crappy, < as a result of over-heating. The only way to know for sure is to try it again. Be ready to change to another set of speakers/amp or ready to restart traktor and see if the audio changes. Creating a discernable referance for your ear. "this sounds crappy compared to blah blah blah"

    If you had your speaker systems doubled up parrallel (four 8 ohm cabs) you would have had the load dropped to four ohms on each channel. This might have been too much for your amp to play cleanly for that amount of time. What kind of amp is it?

    Ive always encountered problems with bad sound coming from over-heated amplifiers. Big fans are a good thing.

    Ive also experienced bad sound from traktor and my audio card both after long sessions. A restart usually solves this.
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