Super Club vs Boutique Experience .. Heroes
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    Default Super Club vs Boutique Experience .. Heroes

    Heroes ...

    Lazer Eyes. Satin Lips. Billboard High. Fantasy Trips.
    This is Heroes... featuring Claude Monnet, Willie Graff, Honey Dijon, Solo, Warboy, Vincenzo Siracusa, a pop up hair salon with Scottee and Sami Knight, Vogue Dancing and much much more.
    Genres: House/ Techno/ Deep/ DIsco.

    ROOM 1:
    Claude Monnet
    Willie Graff
    Vincenzo Siracusa
    Kelly Sylvia
    Soy Mustafa

    ROOM 2:
    Honey Dijon
    Joe Roberts
    Tom Davey

    ROOM 3:
    Ilona Intl
    Dietrich In France


    SUPER CLUB VS BOUTIQUE EXPERIENCE: You won't find a party like Heroes anywhere else in London, this event is a totally unique combination of super club production and music muscle with the sleazed up danger of an intimate, in-the-know back room happening.
    EYE POPPING LINE-UPS: Expect face time and bass time with the big in the game DJs and bleeding edge underground talent you ache to be close to. Expect inventive guest appearances from the performance, fashion and art worlds.
    ALL NIGHT JOURNEY: Get lost in a warren of sex soaked, playful and booming rooms and stumble out dazed into the shocking next AM sunshine.

    PROMOTION HEAVYWEIGHTS: Heroes isn't just an airhead glamour bitch. Behind the scenes is a formidable role call of power promoters including Laurence Malice and Jim Warboy who've booked directional talent since House was just a place to live. The soundtrack to your precious weekend is as credible as the patrons are edible.
    All you need to do is get dressed to be part of the fantasy, make the pilgrimage to Kings Cross and surrender to an epic evening.

    Will you be a Hero tonight? .....

    Book Tickets in advance here ...

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