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    So I'm trying to plan a new mixtape to put on CDs, and I'm totally stuck with it. Reasonably happy with what I've got so far but can't really figure out what to play next, I've tried absolutely loads of different tracks and can't find much that works. What do you guys do in this sort of situation? Scrap the whole thing and start again, or just do a mediocre mix and fudge it?

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    Whenever I get stuck at a certain point with a mix, I take a step back from the mixer and just listen to tunes, get a feel for where I want to go.
    I wouldn't scrap the entire mix if you like where it's at so far, nor would I compromise. I'd sit on it for a few days/just listen to tunes and come back to it, see if you still wanna go through with it or have found new tunes to work in. Or if you're still not feeling it, starting over or rearranging never hurts.
    When I mixed with Traktor, I usually only created mixes to record through Traktor in iTunes so I could focus on the overall sound and vibes of the tunes rather than how to mix. I'd get to that once I had the playlist nailed down, in Traktor (but then again I focus more on track selection than technical mixing).
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    If worst comes to it. You could do a a turntable wind down effect and then drop a sweet acapella. Bitches love acapellas

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