so i downloaded the free traktor sample and loop and scratch songs from the service center. and as soon as they were on my computer my OS froze up. so i finally went into safe mode and moved them into my music files and rebooted and accessed them through traktor and all was well. but about 30 min. in to messing around with the samples, my pc starts getting glitchy again.

long story short, i ended up back in safe mode and deleted the files. the samples were making my explorer.exe run at a billion k. (not really but it was running crazy) and this caused my CPU to max out.

my question is why the hell did this happen? i think it was partially due to the 2112 bitrate, and it having all sorts of traktor commands embedded into the track itself. so this made explorer have troubles accessing the tracks. whatever the reason, i would like suggestions so i can use these tracks they were a blast for cue juggling.

also, im very good at computers so preferably no stupid answers :/

inb4 get a mac.