Possible to route Traktor through Maschine and use FX like the Finger?
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    Default Possible to route Traktor through Maschine and use FX like the Finger?

    ^is this possible? and has anyone tried it or similar setups with positive results?

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    Heres a tutorial in traktor bible's website on how i route traktor's master audio by using soundflowerbed with the s4 into maschine to use vsts for extra effects and route back maschine's audio sequencing back into one of the channel in traktor with traktor's live input so that i can eq my maschine's sequenced loops and also use traktor's effects on my loops from maschine. But the tutorial, it's using jackpilot instead of soundflowerbed but the concept is the same. Therefore i not only use maschine as a midi controller in traktor but with the touch of two buttons on the controller, the controller functions in hid mode in the maschine software. But you have to midi map traktor to interswitch from normal deck to live input and also you can midi map traktor to switch to a sample deck in channel c or d with channel a and b as your main mix decks. Heres the link on how i route the audio. Ive used the same concept for xone 4d or as long as your controller have and audio routing functionality into your channel audio inputs virtually in your mac oh yeah this is for mac only. This is done internally within the same mac not two macs. All of this are synched up virtually within the same mac so as your sequencing's bpm is the same as traktor's bpm. It's more personalization into your mix and have your own loops thus you can create your own remixes or your own tracks but still have the 'traditional' djing interface in front of you. Hope this helps. And have fun.

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