MidiFighter as Drum Machine Logic Pro
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    Default MidiFighter as Drum Machine Logic Pro

    I am into music production and have been looking for a drum machine to help trigger some drums in Logic to help program them. All of the that i look at online (includign the M-Audio Trigger FInger) have 16 buttons, the exact same as the midi fighter. Is it possible to use the MF to trigger some drums?

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    it is possible i am sure, it just depends on how much time/thought you want to put into it
    i was able to use my MF with some drum racks on ableton and reason, but thats about the extent of it "production" wise
    there were some issues having to work around (cut/cutoff, mappings, etc.) but it could probably be done
    i would say the MF is geared more towards DJing though

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    the MF just sends out midi notes - so should work fine - it's not velocity sensitive tho so i would never use it for drum programming personally.

    an old yamaha drum machine i used to have wasnt velocity sensitive either - but that was back in the dark ages - and it did at least have an accent button
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